Yet another reason why Napa sucks

topic posted Mon, August 14, 2006 - 9:44 AM by  Michael
So, my wife and 2 1/2 year old daughter were walking up First street on a warm Sunday afternoon. My wife happens to be Japanese, so that makes our daughter a mixed race kid, since I'm about as white as it gets. As we were coming out of that big new toy store, a beat-up pick up truck drove by and the idiot who was in the passenger seat started yelling out fake Japanese and bowing. I was shocked at first that someone would do that in the Bay Area, but then immediately got really pissed off, especially because the two people who were on the street thought it was so funny that they started laughing too.

This is not the first time something like this has happened to me or my wife since coming to Napa a little over a year ago. We've met quite a few really cool people here in town, but it just seems like the general population is more ignorant / close minded than in other towns, especially other Bay Area towns.

We're probably going to leave in a year or so. No way do I want to bring up my daughter in a place where she is treated like that.
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    Mon, August 14, 2006 - 11:45 AM
    Yeah, Napa is too white for its own good. Not only does it mean a dearth of culturally diverse activities and businesses, but also a good sampling of Americanus Vulgaris at it's worst.

    I used to work with a group home for at-risk teens. Most of the clients were from the bay area, and many were african and latin american. It was not uncommon for them to encounter nimrods from all class levels. Sadly they teach it to their kids, who, equally sadly embrace it to some degree. Ironically, while they feel safe enough to mouth off in their own town, most would likely soil themselves if they had to live anywhere south of lily white Napa.

    I find the term 'bignorant' applies nicely. Of course, I usually surround that with various curse words of choice. Sorry to hear about your experience. Napa truly sucks.
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    Fri, August 25, 2006 - 3:35 PM
    I am fourth gen Napa and can not stand the ignorance. I will not talk to most of my relitives but home is home. It took a long time and a lot personal lessons to open my eyes.
    Sorry for all the fucked up thing I might have done to unnamed people.
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    Thu, May 15, 2008 - 7:50 AM
    Sorry to hear that story.
    Got to realize the brain intelligence on people who behave like that. They have been stuck in the woods, high on crank, and probably sees civilization about once a month on his trip to the big city of Napa to cash in his government payout.

    One bad apple, can't stereotype a whole town. I do know what you mean. Napa is the biggest tourist destination in California, right behind Disneyland. Millions come through there to blow there money in the Las Vegas style tasting rooms. They have it all geared for the most scientific sales game out of anywhere, except a ball park concession.

    These other posts are correct about Sonoma. Guerneville is right on the Russian River and on the way to the Pacific. Great areas to explore with a rich history of diversity. Stop by Charizma Wine Lounge for a rustic, humble feel. Helena, the chef, is from Sweden and will make you feel at home, pairing with some boutique local wineries.

    Many great areas in Sonoma that will give you that comfortable feeling. Visit Westside Road's Wineries or off 116 near Sebastopol & Olivet Road as well.
    It's unfortunate to have that feeling or witness childish behavior. Wine Country is not about "White"& "Affluent". Its about food, passion, nature, & family. Its about a smile and a warm feeling. Its about a T-shirt and thongs, reading a book under a tree. Its about finding wonderful things to do w/o spending a boatload of money. Commercialism sucks. Support the small wineries, you can feel the JuJu of the establishment. Important, very important.

    Under the Redwoods on the West Sonoma Side has rich history in "JuJu" feelings, connections, and a big smile!
    Get up early and watch the fog clear above the river. Listen to the birds, and feel the bio-densities. Wine is about Micro-Climate and weather. About soil, and what makes that area special. Can you taste it?

    Its for everyone. The earth and what it reaps holds no prejudice.
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    Wed, August 20, 2008 - 3:21 PM
    Have you read the comments on the Napa Register's online articles. Fuck! I'm embarrassed to live here with all the racism people spew. They'll crucify someone if their not white (bringing their race into the argument) if a crime is commited. But if it's a white person they'll show pity or say the person is innocent. Like that dentist that shot and killed his wife. A ton of people were happy that there was even a slim chance that he'd be freed on a technicality. Fuck I hate this fucking town! Oh and you should see how up in arms everyone is about the town and country fair.
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      Thu, August 21, 2008 - 2:42 PM
      I checked in a few weeks ago to read about Johhny A's hunger strike. Apparently, recovering addicts of all colors are crucified as well, along with those who try to help them. Best not to read that stuff, unless you're trying to squash any remaining faith in humanity.

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